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Tips for Getting a Fair Price on Your Home

Before selling a house in Oklahoma, one needs to consider a few options to ensure that they get the best deal out of their property. Though this seems like an easy task, it requires a lot of research, proper strategies, and background knowledge.

Pricing your home in Oklahoma correctly is the key to selling the property efficiently. Where overpricing may make you lose some potential buyers, underpricing may land you in some severe losses.

Luckily for you, Exit Strategy Investments has your back. Since we can buy your house for cash in Oklahoma, we assure you that you’ll always receive a fair price for your house in Oklahoma, regardless of its condition.

Listed below are some tips you can follow to always get a fair price on your home.

1.   Research Similar Properties

Before putting your property up for sale in Oklahoma, it is best to do some market search and find out how other properties with similar conditions, neighborhoods, and sizes are listed in the market in Oklahoma. This may give you a reference price which you can adjust based on your property conditions.

2.   Renovate and Upgrade

Little renovations, some appropriate changes like painting walls, landscaping, and upgrading the kitchen may help increase the price of your house in Oklahoma. With just a little investment, you may end up making double the profit.

3.   Search Recent Active Listings in Oklahoma

Finding out what properties are up for sale in your area may increase your chances of getting a good idea about your neighborhood’s current value and finding potential future projects that may increase the value of the property in the near future.

4.   Research Market Conditions

Researching the current market trends may help you determine whether the overall price of properties is either going down or is going up. Market trends may also help owners identify if prices may hike shortly or go down, allowing them to decide the best time to sell.

5.   Use the ’99 Strategy’

It’s a common rule of thumb amongst buyers and sellers to avoid having too many zeros at the end of the figure. A better approach is to end the amount in 9s, which appears firm and avoids negotiations.

6.   Viewing Expired Listings in Oklahoma

Looking through houses that have been taken off the list for sale can also help one understand the dos and don’ts. Although this seems like a not-so-important approach, knowing where one can go wrong or why a certain house with similar conditions didn’t do well will definitely improve one’s decision. This will help you get a reasonable price for your place.


With the correct strategies and appropriate methods, one can definitely get a fair price for their house, which is beneficial for the person selling them and creates trust and reliability. If you’re struggling to get a fair price for your home in Oklahoma, you’ll be glad to know that Exit Strategy Investments can rid you of your worries.

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