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3 Things Sellers Miss When Selling Homes – Exit Strategy Investments Tips

You’ve probably heard several people say it before: “first impressions are vital!”

Several people think they know everything there is to know whenever they’re prepping their home for a sale. However, the truth is, there are several things homeowners forget when it’s time to take the big decision.

Exit Strategy Investments talked to its professionals who have visited more than a hundred homes before sales and we’ve listed the most common things sellers miss when selling homes in Oklahoma.

1.   Check the Driveway And Sidewalk For Cracks and Bumps

Jagged or uneven sidewalks are an annoyance for everyone. Not only do they make your home look less beautiful, but they’re also something buyers dislike and a safety risk. Every buyer wants a child-friendly home in Oklahoma and a cracked sidewalk is something you can easily trip on. Even if you’re taking on a big project, or if you’re driving your car over the driveway, the bumps and cracks can get worse since their structural integrity has been compromised.

Buyers are smart enough to understand this, which is why they stay away from such homes in Oklahoma. To deal with this, contact the local law department to know if you’re eligible for maintenance of the sidewalk.

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2.   Declutter and Depersonalize

While several people remember to do this on the inside of their homes, they often forget to do the same on the outside. For starters, get rid of anything that was not a part of the landscaping originally like flags, garden gnomes, Christmas lights, signage, etc. This is one of the most effective ways of increasing curb appeal for your home in Oklahoma.

Don’t forget to do the same for the backyard!

Gather up all garden tools, bird feeders, storage containers, or toys that your kids have left lying around. An outdoor area that is clean makes the house look a lot more appealing to the buyers. It tells the buyers that a particular house has been cared for.

3.   Cleanliness Matters!

Ensuring every spot in your house sparkles is an easy way of securing points from your house’s prospective buyers. The buyers that visit your home will scrutinize it, bathrooms and kitchen particularly. Repaint these spaces and give them a clean and new look. Clean the carpets and get rid of all annoying and stubborn stains and ensure there aren’t any odors in your house.

Before you open your house for a buyer’s visit, clean every room, including the closets, the garage and the cabinets before you show your house to anyone who seems interested. And if all of this seems scary, get a professional cleaning company to do it for you, but don’t forget this important detail!

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Wrapping Up

While prepping your home for a sale can ensure you get a better deal overall, wouldn’t it be amazing if you got a fair price for your home without making these hectic updates?

That’s exactly what Exit Strategy Investment does! While you’re selling a home that is ugly or if you just want to sell a home, we’ll take it off your hands for a fair price! Call us today on (405) 698 3948 to get started!