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Foundational Issues You Should Fix Before You Sell Your Home

With the expenses that arise when you’re selling a house in Oklahoma, it’s not unfair if you’re reluctant to pour money into a house you’re leaving. After all, it takes some effort to live with a faulty switchboard that never works or a jiggling toilet seat that just can’t stay still.

The new buyers will have to accept your home just the way it is!

Said no one ever.

The minor issues you’ve taught yourself to live with will give your home a low appraisal value, which kills negotiations before they even begin. So whether you’ve inherited a house or are selling an ugly house in Oklahoma, there are some repairs that you have to make before you sell your house in Oklahoma.

Here’s a guide by Exit Strategy Investments.

1.   Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring and electrical problems cause more than 51,000 fires in a year!

According to, rewiring a 1,200 sq. ft. home in Oklahoma can cost you $10,000. But luckily, this will almost never be a requirement because even homes built in the 70s don’t have to get their wirings replaced. The repairs you’ll need will be on a smaller scale like outlets, frayed wiring, or damaged junction boxes.

2.   Drainage and Grading

In the simplest way, drainage refers to how water is directed away from your home. This could be rainwater or melting snow. A clogged rain gutter, a downspout that won’t direct water away from your house or spongy soil are all signs that you haven’t addressed this issue in the right way.

Fixing this issue can be simple. You may have to clean your gutters or you may have to add downspout extensions to prevent clogging. Address this issue at the earliest or it may cause problems with the foundation of your roof.

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3.   Problems With the Foundation

Another common concern that arises when a person is selling a home in Oklahoma is issues with the foundation of a home. Lack of proper drainage can cause problems that can be either minor or severe. However, basic fixes can still be incredibly pricey since filling a single crack can cost somewhere between $900 to $1,500. Some clear signs of problems with the foundation of the home can be:

  • Slanted floor
  • Doors and windows that aren’t closing properly
  • Cracks on interior walls
  • Cracks on the exterior walls

4.   Faulty Plumbing

If water is leaking into your house and isn’t going outside, you may have a plumbing problem. This problem will cause water damage, which can cause even bigger problems like mold or dry rot. It’s imperative you get this problem fixed before selling your house because it can drastically reduce the selling price.

Wrapping Up

You may find it hard to believe but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making the small repairs in your house, you don’t have to! At Exit Strategy Investments, we buy homes for cash in Oklahoma, which means you don’t have to wait days for the payment to get processed!

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