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3 Savvy Tips on How To Avoid Foreclosure in Oklahoma City


No one ever expects they will be dealing with foreclosure, in fact when you purchase your home, as the homeowner you never anticipated that you would fail to make a mortgage payment. Obviously, life happens and missed mortgage payments, therefore, lead down the path to where foreclosure could occur. – Foreclosure Oklahoma City.

After all, foreclosure is the legal option that a lender utilizes as a last resort to repossess a house.

The word foreclosure is actually a nightmare, in fact, many homeowners dread even thinking about it. Yes, foreclosure can be a very bad dream for property owners because when it happens, you must move out of the house and can no longer live there.

Additionally, after the lender repossesses the home, if the home’s value is not worth the total amount of the outstanding loan, the lender could pursue and file a lawsuit against you for a deficiency judgment. This simply means that the lender will be suing you for the difference to make what is owed paid.

If this happens then not only do you lose your home, but you will owe the lender an additional amount. Talk about very frustrating, especially when you are facing challenges financially to stay afloat.

As you can see foreclosures can have long-term consequences, including but not limited to affecting your ability to get qualified for mortgage loans in the future. Luckily for you, there are some ways that we can help you to avoid foreclosure, so let’s dive in.


Are you looking for resourceful tips on how to avoid foreclosure in Oklahoma City? Here in this article, we give you 3 tips on what you can do to avoid foreclosure. Read more about how Exit Strategy Investments can help and why we are the number one we buy houses in Oklahoma City.

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Call Your Lender

One of the many reasons why so many homeowners are not able to avoid foreclosure is because they keep ignoring the actual problem. Yes, we get it you have missed a mortgage payment or two and sometimes more, but in your best interest, it is best for you to actually communicate with your lender, don’t ignore it like there isn’t anything wrong. The further behind you get, the tougher it will be to find a way to avoid foreclosure, and the sad result that can take place is for you to lose your home.

Please remember that these lenders are not trying to take your home; the fact of the matter is they actually want money and not the real estate itself. Once you are able to speak with your lender you will discover the many options, they have to help you through this most difficult time.

So, act fast and don’t delay, call your lender so you will be able to discuss your options to avoid foreclosure in Oklahoma City.

Review Your Spending Habits

Are you facing foreclosure, if so then there may be something wrong with your finances? Remember the number one reason for individuals and families to face foreclosure is that they are having financial difficulties.

So be sure to take a look at your bank account and your financial spending habits and see if there are some areas where you may be able to cut or eliminate your spending to help you make your mortgage payment. Do you really need to eat out every day for lunch or dinner? Maybe you can skip going to Starbucks for coffee for a few days.

In many cases, we have seen where individuals have considered delaying their payments on other debts such as an unsecured loan as a temporary solution, so they can get their mortgage paid. Once again reviewing your spending habits could play a crucial role in helping you avoid foreclosure.


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Use Your Resources

If you have other resources like whole life insurance or a second car, did you know that you can sell them for some quick cash to help you with paying for your mortgage? Look we get it, this option may not be for everyone and it is understandable.

So, if these endeavors don’t have a drastic impact on your mortgage payments, then you may want to consider another alternative to selling your home.

If you decide to go the route of selling your home, we’d suggest that you start the interview process with reliable cash home buying companies in the Oklahoma City area, such as Exit Strategy Investments and get the advice along with the scenarios that will be beneficial to you, so you will have all your options available to you on how they can help you to sell your house.

You can always remember that here at Exit Strategy Investments, we buy houses for different reasons, including helping homeowners avoid foreclosure in Oklahoma City.

Whatever you do, don’t lose your home to foreclosure! You have options to avoid this tragic loss.


If you are currently facing foreclosure, but just need someone to help you get your life back together? Maybe you actually want to avoid foreclosure altogether and just need the guidance, then Exit Strategy Investments is here for you as the #1 professional, licensed home buyer. Simply avoid the stress of being overwhelmed by foreclosure. The best way we can help you is by speaking to us so that we can go over your many different options as we help guide you in the right direction. We’ll even ask you to give us a chance to buy your house in Oklahoma City for cash today. If we’re not your best fit, no sweat, and no hard feelings. Our goal is to help you regardless as we will point you in the right direction for you to make the decision that’s best for you.

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