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How To Sell A House Fast in OKC Without Sinking Any Money Into It


Are you tired of owning a property that you don’t want any more or simply may not be able to afford it? If so, then trying to sell the house fast by going through the traditional route of getting a realtor involved to put it on the MLS can be quite expensive and may take up more time than you could care to imagine. In fact, it would actually defeat the purpose of trying to sell your house fast right? Well, here in our latest article we will help you learn how to sell a house fast in OKC without sinking any money into it in less time than you can imagine!

Oklahoma has its own beauty that many outsiders are not aware of. From rich southern hospitality to the state coming together as one through the spirit of friendship. However, beyond this beauty, Oklahoma at the heart still has challenges when it comes to homeowners looking to sell their house. In fact, some property owners hesitate to sell due to the unknown factors and the headaches that are associated with putting a house up for sale? There are legitimate concerns, but you will not have to think about when you choose our professional house buying company in Oklahoma to purchase your home.

When you are dealing with Exit Strategy Investments, you are getting the best along with our legendary service to deliver you the results you desire all while ensuring processes and documents are done right!

Here in this article, we will show you how to sell now Oklahoma, without waiting months on end to sell your home with Exit Strategy Investments.

What Will Listing My OKC House Cost Me?

If you decide on listing your house in OKC, there can be a lot of costs associated with the listing that people aren’t always aware of, a few of these costs include…

  • Expenses to clean and stage the home for open houses and showings of the property
  • Cost of repairs in two areas: (1) before the sale and (2) after the inspection process
  • Realtor commissions which are typically around 6% of your final sale price
  • Marketing expenses not covered with your listing such as virtual tours, photography, etc.
  • Holding expenses are expenses that you will still pay while the house is on the market and through the escrow process (electricity, water, heat, insurance, taxes, etc.)
  • Closing costs which can be around 3% on average of your final sale price

The writers at NerdWallet, state that you should plan on spending at least 10% of the final sale towards the cost of using a realtor to list your home. So, what this means is this, if your house’s final sale is $250,000, you will be prepared to spend $25,000 outright just to complete the sale of your house. Obviously, this number can fluctuate to be higher or lower depending on the property and the situation. However, we believe it is essential for you as the home seller to understand these costs, so you are aware and know exactly what you can expect when selling your house in OKC.

How To Sell Your House Without Spending Money

There are a few ways to sell your house in OKC without spending any money. You can decide to list your house as-is on the MLS or work with a professional cash home buyer to buy your property outright without the assistant of a realtor. Now some homeowners in Oklahoma City, one of these alternatives can prove to be a better way to sell your house.

Sell Direct To Exit Strategy Investments

When you make the decision to sell your house directly to Exit Strategy Investments, we will be able to assist you with avoiding all of the listing costs, including repairs, marketing, holding costs, commissions, closing costs, seller concessions, and more. You won’t have to worry about spending any money at any point during the sale. In fact, you will be able to get an offer without having to worry about any deductions or hidden fees. While the price you receive isn’t full retail, the amount of money that you can save maybe more than enough to make up the difference, and not to mention all the time and less stress or worry you will save.


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