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What You Should Know Before Hiring a Probate Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Probate can be a complicated process in Oklahoma City even though the underlying concept sounds very simple. As you might already know, probate is the process of sharing the estate of a deceased among their loved ones or heirs to the property. Since the process can be long and filled with complex terminology, families, as well as estate executors hire a probate lawyer to help out with simplifying the process. In this article, you’ll find out if you need one, when you need them, and how you can easily hire one.

Let’s face it, not every probate case requires a probate lawyer. Many times, working with just an executor can be just fine if the estate does not involve unusual assets and is not too large. If you have an experienced probate expert with an accounting or paralegal background, they can handle most of the probate process at lower costs compared to probate lawyers. Therefore, the question should be; when do you need a probate lawyer?


Most times, the demise of a loved one in the family with lots of assets to share can create disputes and tension in a family. Estate proceedings can go as far as tearing loved ones apart. This is common among step-siblings who might be having a hard time accepting what was rightly willed to them or the other. Sometimes the feeling of not receiving a fair share can cause arguments and accusations to rise, evolving into a full-blown war or court battle. To avoid this scenario, it is wise to have a probate lawyer settle the disputes even before they grow.

Court Proceedings

Sometimes, certain clauses in a will or estate documents can make it unclear, hence the need for a court to interpret them to the heirs. More so, if someone challenges the will, it could lead to a legal action which means, court proceedings will be involved. So, in a nutshell, you’ll need a probate lawyer if you have any reason to appear before a judge in the courtroom. Remember, a will could be challenged for many reasons including debt claims that can’t be paid off with the assets.

Legal Contracts

Do you have to sign some legal documents like deeds or disclaimers to fulfill the last wishes of a deceased homeowner? The wishes could be about the management or something to hold the heirs accountable. A deed can also come in when an agreement or contract between co-heirs needs to be drafted. In such cases, you’ll need a probate lawyer to help you prepare these documents making sure the right legal documents are in place for either transfer or dissolution of partnerships.

Having a probate lawyer help you navigate through the probate process in Oklahoma can make things easier. If you need to hire one, you can ask friends who have gone through a probate process or you can simply ask us. Having worked with lots of attorneys, we can easily recommend one that can help you through the probate process.

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