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4 Facts That An Agent Will Not Confess to You – When Selling Your House In Oklahoma City

Are you considering listing your home? If so, you definitely need to know these 4 facts about selling your house in Oklahoma City that an agent will not tell you. Now before you contact or reach out to an agent to sell your home, do not reflect back and regret the decision to actually understand everything involved when it comes to selling your home using traditional methods.

Days on the Market

Look I get it, even though your real estate agent may be able to cite the average number of days the property will be listed. The one thing they will not be able to do, in fact, is to tell you exactly just how long it will take to sell YOUR house. Look when you do not have a realistic idea of the timeline so that you can start to make ample plans because without knowing anything additional that you are looking to do may frivolous. In addition, the one dreadful outlook no one wants to partake in is dealing with where you are forced to be responsible for two mortgage payments, which is not ideal for any seller. Yet this is one bit of information that will be vital to help you determine which avenue is best for you, especially when you want to be able to know everything that you are about to get into that an agent may not confess to you.

Repairs Needed

Hold on… Say what?!? Oh, were you under the impression that your home was perfect in the condition that it is in and that everything fine? Well, unfortunately, the inspection report revealed a completely different story. Since inspections are a part of traditional listing, due to banks needing to know they are allowing you to borrow funds for a tangible asset, they want to know that the money you are borrowing is worth the investment. The results of your inspection will reveal some expensive secrets about your house. Depending on what the report reveals expenditures to repair or replace the problems areas can run into the thousands. Yet again here is another key feature that the real estate agent will not tell you about. In fact, the lender will require many of the repairs to be completed or a contingency will need to be created. If you fail to complete the repairs, you will void the contract.

Talk About Inconvenience

What’s for dinner? How about we prepare a nice good home-cooked meal. Oh wait, we have to do take again. While you may desire to sit down at the dinner table together as a family to enjoy dinner, you will likely need to allow potential buyers to come to visit your house with their agent. So dinner plans are canceled and in many instances, your weekend may suffer as well, as this is the prime time that likely buyers want to go view houses. You will need to always keep your house in tip-top, picture-perfect condition at all times. This is one fact about selling your house in Oklahoma City that a real estate agent will not confess to you.

Delays in Closing

The process of closing is based upon specific criteria’s being completed, such as the completion of inspections and appraisals, oh and let’s not forget any other obstacles that you’ll be panicking to ensure is done to ensure closing is not delayed. It’s not uncommon for closings to take up to 60 days and in some cases even longer through the traditional conventional financing of real estate. Do you have the time to wait that long? Some homeowners can wait, and others cannot. Here is another fact about selling your house in Oklahoma City that a real estate agent will not confess to you.

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