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Looking to Sell a Distressed Property OKC – The Top 4 Must-Ask Questions to Ask A Distressed Property Buyer

Are you looking to sell your Oklahoma City house fast? Well, of course, I believe we all desire to have our house sold fast, but what a property that is in distress? Well, don’t worry there is one company that you can keep in mind that is a distressed property buyer OKC – Exit Strategy Investments.

We get it there are times when traditional selling through a real estate agent is not the option for you. So you may wonder how do you choose a we buy houses Oklahoma City Company to buy your house? Here in this article, we will discuss the top 4 must-ask questions to ask a distressed property buyer. Below are the four questions to ask a “we buy houses” company before entrusting them to buy your home.

Exit Strategy Investment – The Top 4 Must-Ask Questions for a Distressed Property Buyer

How Does Your Process Work?

Now, this may sound crazy, but not all cash home buyers in Oklahoma City have the same process. We’d highly recommend that when you decide to work with a home buyer, it is vital that you understand their process before you commit to signing any agreements. We encourage you to take a moment to thoroughly review their process and in fact, have them explain their processes to you as well.

Can You Purchase My House As-Is?

Once again not all home buyers that claim to be “we buy houses” companies are cash buyers to purchase your home. There are some who are real estate brokers whose only goal is to obtain a listing to try to sell your house. In order to prevent these types of disappointments or surprises, we’d recommend that you research and choose a company that buys your property in its as-is condition. Not gain a listing.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Here at Exit Strategy Investments, we can buy your house fast and move you along the process to get your house sold within a few days. So when you hear that home buyers can purchase your house fast, you need to know exactly how long that process can take. This is vital to your success in order to sell your house quickly. As a homeowner, you do not need any further stress on trying to figure when your house will sell.

Can You Explain How You Arrived At Your Cash Offer?

Do you want to know if you’re dealing with the professionals? Then you should be confident enough to ask the cash home buyer to explain how they arrived at the offer they are presenting to you. Please do not ever feel bad to ask them to explain their offer, after all, you want to make sure that you are getting a fair offer and not the dreaded low-ball offer that the inexperienced will make.


Having an expert who is in tune with the real estate market, is what makes us stand out among the rest. When you sell your home to us, you will get a streamlined sales process that will save you the hassle associated with selling your home on the traditional market. If you’re dealing with a distressed property, be sure you contact the best distressed property buyer OKC who will provide you with impeccable services. No matter what questions you have, call us now and get in touch with us if you are looking to sell your home in Oklahoma City at (405) 698-3948.