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3 Easy Ways to Avoid Foreclosure Oklahoma

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Foreclosure Oklahoma

Foreclosure is not a situation that any homeowner anticipated in being involved in. Not only is this a sad and frustrating time for someone to lose their home, but it is also devastating to lose a house you’ve worked so hard to get and create for you and your family in pursuit of the American Dream. We get it and there are certain situations that occurred to create this domino effect. Here is a common scenario: You found a home that you were interested in and whether there was a change in income to cause a couple of missed mortgage payments

Here are three easy ways to avoid foreclosure Oklahoma.


What is a forbearance? Forbearance involves the process of communicating with your mortgage lender to temporarily suspend or in some cases reduce the mortgage payment on a temporary status to assist with reducing some of the financial burdens. In some cases, homeowners are able to rebound with getting approved for a forbearance. Keep in mind that while you are going through a forbearance, this does not mean the foreclosure goes away, however it is an exceptional way to create time for you to find a permanent solution. Just remember that forbearance is usually only granted to those homeowners dealing with temporary hardships, such as a loss of a job.

Be aware that when you are in a situation involving foreclosure, time is of the essence.

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Loan Modification

If you have received the notice of default from your lender and are facing foreclosure or may have missed more than one mortgage payment. You have the option to contact your mortgage lender and inform them of your current financial position. Believe it or not, but your lender will do what they can to try to assist, simply explain to your lender why you are not able to make your mortgage payment(s) and let them know if this is a temporary or permanent issue. When you are communicating, you’re your lender believe it or not but you are proceeding down a path to help avoid foreclosure. During this communication with the lender, it is now the best opportunity to request a loan modification.

Your lender will present to you different options available to you for a loan modification.

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