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We Buy Homes Tulsa in 7 days!

We Buy Homes Tulsa in 7 days!

Yes, you read it correctly! We buy homes Tulsa in 7 days!! If you really need to sell a house fast. I mean REALLLLLYYYYYY sell your house fast we can help. The only thing that we need is just a simple agreement between the two of us (you and us) and a clear title. Once we have those two things, we buy homes Tulsa in 7 days.

We are Exit Strategy Investments aka Exit Strategy an Oklahoma company that buys real estate houses across the state. We’ll buy land, residential homes, commercial property buildings, and more. Buying houses is our business, it’s how we continue to improve our local communities and create affordable housing for families. If you want to learn more about us at Exit Strategy just give us a call or visit our website.


How can (Exit Strategy) we buy homes Tulsa in 7 days?

In order for Exit Strategy to uphold the foundation of we buy homes Tulsa in 7 days, there has to be a very simple process in place. In fact, we have a 3-step process to allow us to buy homes fast. We understand that because of the speed of the process there will be questions. Here is a list of questions that are typically asked when we buy homes Tulsa in 7 days.

  • What happens if takes longer than 7 days to buy my house? If it takes longer than 7 days, we will give you the power to decide what you would like to do. If you prefer to cancel the agreement and move on, or if you agree to give us just a little bit more time the decision is completely up to you. Just remember the amount of has to be agreed upon beforehand and written in our initial agreement, so that we ensure you get to control what happens if it takes longer than 7 days.
  • I’m currently living in the house now; will I have time to move? Yes, we will work out the details of the moving arrangements. If you need to rent the house from us after we purchase it, we will make the necessary arrangements to help accommodate you.

You can also visit our site to read more about our FAQ’s. Click here


What Happens when I can’t sell my we buy homes Tulsa in 7 days?

Since we have been buying houses for many years, we know that there are instances when you can’t sell your house in 7 days. There are some situations where things just can’t be rushed. During our brief conversation and analysis, you’ll know soon enough on when we’re able to close on your home. Here are a few instances on how we can’t close within 7 days:

  • High-dollar purchases: Buying 1 house in 7 days can be done. Buying 10+ houses or a small apartment complex where the value of the properties is worth $1,000,000 is a little more challenging.
  • Bankruptcy: If you have a house in bankruptcy, this is an instance where we will need to take things a little slower because your attorney will need to be involved to ensure everything is done correctly.
  • Selling a house in probate: We are typically limited by district court judge and at what stage of the probate process you are at. If you have just started the probate process, then the process will take a little longer, until the letters of administration or letters testamentary have been obtained.

So, when we tell you that “We Buy Tulsa Homes in 7 days!” hopefully you will be able to experience this speed firsthand.