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Interested in Selling Your House – We Buy Houses Tulsa


We believe that selling a house should not be a complicated process as many real estate agents make things out to be. Which is why we have a 3-step process to how we buy house Tulsa.

If you have been stressed and are tired of having of trying to locate and find a buyer for your home, then you should end your search now by giving us a call because we buy houses Tulsa. We understand that everyone has a unique situation, which is why we will provide you with the best possible solutions for your situation. We do not push for sales, in fact, you will let us know how you would like to proceed. Our previous clients have expressed that sometimes selling for cash has worked best for them because of the ease and the reduction of stress and worry.

We buy in any condition “as-is”

The traditional route of selling a house, you are advised to make repairs and renovations so you can get a higher price, but let’s face it, usually the repairs you make will not add much value to the overall home. In fact, when you sell your house to Exit Strategy Investments, we buy houses Tulsa which means you don’t have to make these advised repairs. We see it all the time where people end up spending a lot of money on repairs, but they do not recover the cost of repairs after the sale of the house. Don’t make the same mistake, sell your house fast Tulsa and let us worry about the repairs.

Speed = Convenience

Because we do not have any complicated processes, it allows the convenience of speed to occur. Yes, this means that selling a house fast is possible. Since we are buying directly from you, there is no middleman in the process which is usually one of the reasons the process slows down. Once we have agreed upon the price, you are the one who will then be in control of determining when you would like the closing to take place. It is really that easy, and we understand that sometimes you may need a moment to think about selling a house because this is one of the biggest decisions you can make in just a few minutes.

Save on Cost

When you sell your house to us at Exit Strategy, you won’t have to worry about or incur any additional costs. The amount we agree upon when we present our offer to you is the amount that you will be receiving in cash, this is the cash you actually receive in your hand. You will not ever have to pay any agent commissions, any closing costs, or other contingency fees. Since we will take on these costs it allows you to keep more money in your pocket. Whether or not if you have been thinking about selling a house fast, then the obvious choice is Exit Strategy. If you have any questions about the process or even what steps are involved in the process, just pick up the phone and call us at (405) 698-3948. We buy houses Tulsa, and we buy houses in Oklahoma.