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Why Should You Choose A We Buy Houses Oklahoma City Company to Buy Your House?


It’s no secret the process of trying to sell your home should not be complicated as some real estate agents make it out to be. This is definitely true when there are specific and unique situations when you need to know exactly when the house is going to close. The traditional means of selling your house can always leave things to go sideways with the deal at the very last minute. Such things as the buyer not able to get their financing approved or even just got cold feet and wanted to back out.

Since we are a company that stands behind our we buy houses Oklahoma City philosophy we will always follow through as we have promised from the very beginning. The point of using a we buy houses Oklahoma City company is to get a cash home buyer to purchase your home. We are not real estate agents, so that means we will not list your home, instead Exit Strategy Investments is a home buying company, that specializes in buying houses.


We Close Quickly

One of the most familiar and most popular reasons why individuals enjoy our services is for the mere fact of speed of convenience. The traditional way of buying houses can take on average 90 days (3 months)  or more, which is not really fast as compared to just a few days in most cases less than 14 days, this is ideal for those customers who are in a hurry to sell, which is why it makes us the perfect house buying company to speak with.

So, when we close on your house, you receive your money.


We Don’t Make Low Ball Offers

We are not like these others fly by night or possibly scam companies that are not familiar with the market. Let’s be honest there is a possibility of getting a better price from a personal sale, however, there are no guarantees. Neither can you haggle on when a better offer may come around. One thing you can count on is our offer you can be sure it’s our best offer.


We Take Care of the Repairs

Forget about even trying to consider using your money to fix up or repair the house. Especially if you don’t have the time or the necessary finances to make the repairs, you can still sell your home to Exit Strategy Investments. No matter, the condition, we’ll put together an offer that makes sense, so and thoroughly explain it, so you completely understand the numbers. It will be an offer that is very transparent and one you can be grateful of.


Our Process is Simple

Selling your home is really easy, with our 3-step process for our we buy houses Oklahoma City company. The first step is to simply contact us either by phone or complete the simple form on our website. Step 2 we will have a brief conversation and present to you an offer and once accepted, we move to step 3 where we close, and you get paid!

When you sell your home and we buy houses Oklahoma City, if you need time to gather things in order and may need to sell in days, or maybe 3 weeks later, we will make it happen. If you need to wait longer, just let us know so we can make the necessary arrangements. At Exit Strategy Investments, we understand there will be instances where you will need more time to get your affairs in order, our goal is to make this process as easy and convenient for you.

When you’re ready to sell, just give us a call at (405) 698-3948.