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We Buy Houses Tulsa – Exit Strategy Investments

We Buy Houses Tulsa – Exit Strategy Investments

Trying to sell a house in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and throughout the U.S. is not always painless. The reason for this is there are just a number of properties that are available for sale with not many qualified buyers. We get it, the real estate market is not always the easiest maneuver in such an up and down market, especially for the homeowner who is selling their first home. Trying to find a buyer is actually time-consuming, let’s not even try to sugar-coat it, which is the exact reason why homes on average are sold within 90 days (3months) or longer. Unless you’re not the home seller and depending on your situation, this can either become a detrimental factor because time is not on your side. Luckily, you do not have to go through the stress or hassle of having to worry, because we buy houses Tulsa.

We Don’t Make Low Ball Offers

We hear this all the time; you’re not going to make a low-ball offer to me, are you? Let us address this now, we don’t make low ball offers! We know that a house is an important investment to our clients, and no one should be bamboozled on the overall value of their home. Our unique experience in the industry allows us to be in an exclusive position to correctly and precisely value the different types of homes and properties in the area. Because we are the experts, we also keep track of the current real estate market trends and consider all factors before we even present any offers, which helps us to not make low ball offers when we buy houses Tulsa.

Exit Strategy Investments is always available and all you have to do is give us a call.

No Additional Costs or Fees

Going the traditional route of selling a house through a real estate agent will cost you. Yes, it is not out of the norm for real estate agents and brokers to charge property sellers outrageous fees for managing or assisting with handling the sale process of their house. This is not the way we do business at Exit Strategy Investments, simply because it is not professional and something that we do not condone at our company. This is the exact reason why we make it our point to eliminate any additional costs and fees that are associated with selling your home. Let’s just make this easy, so there is no confusion. Here at Exit Strategy Investments, we pay all the closing costs that are associated with the transfer of purchasing the house. 

We Close Deals Fast

Remember we buy houses Tulsa fast. Our previous testimonials speak for itself. There are tons of homeowners living in Oklahoma and those living outside of Oklahoma who chose to work with Exit Strategy Investments because we buy houses Tulsa fast. Our home buying process is easy to explain in our 3-step process. We prefer not to complicate any processes because it is easier to comprehend.

We have also been accredited and vetted by both the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. This way you won’t have to second guess or worry about any type of scams like these other guys. When you’re ready to sell, just give us a call at (405) 698-3948.