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What are my Chances of Selling my Home on Craigslist in Oklahoma City?

Today, Craigslist has evolved to becoming a household name. What started as an email distribution list to friends from a guy named Craig Newman back in 1995 has evolved to one of the most sorted sites for buying and selling with an average monthly view of 50 billion.

I’m sure at one point or the other, you must have gone to buy or sell items on Craigslist OKC. It’s usually the first place we’d turn to when we need to quickly make a sale. However, in the case of selling a home, one can’t help but think of the chances of successfully getting a deal on the site. I’d say since Craigslist has up to 50 billion-page views a month, chances are people who want to buy a good home in Craigslist Oklahoma are also part of that figure. So, there are good chances of selling your home in Oklahoma if you focus on the important things you need to get right on your ad. Further down, we’ll be discussing these tips so you can quickly set up your home ad and get ready for business!

What are my Chances of Selling my Home on Craigslist in Oklahoma City?

Headline – a catchy bait that captures their attention

The secret of a great selling ad lies in the heading. With so much content and noise flying around on the internet especially on social media. Only 2 out of 10 people click to read more details on a typical ad or news headline. To successfully sell your home on Craigslist OKC, you must break this barrier by crafting out headlines that are super catchy, compelling, and captivating. In as much as you need to do this, you also need to keep it simple and honest. For example, the title “3 reasons you should check out my riverside exotic home in Oklahoma City” might sound like a good start. The idea is to create a bait that will draw your readers into finding more about what your home has to offer.

Body – Sell your home buyer

When you’ve finally got your readers’ attention, don’t lose it, it’s time to sell your home! Keep it simple and brief. Reflect on what your title says and tell your readers what you love about your home as well as the key selling features, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, size, and garage spaces. Let them know about the upgrades and repairs performed and what the area looks like. Use relevant search keywords for Craigslist Oklahoma while doing this so your ad can appear on search results.

Pictures – great pictures is all you need to sell a home

There’s a saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is true even on Craigslist! The fastest way to sell your home is through great pictures that will make your readers fall in love with your home. Use a good digital camera, take pictures of your rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, the house area, etc. Avoid revealing the date and time stamp and make sure you stay off the mirrors.

Ad Posting Times

Your posting time also matters when putting up an ad on Craigslist OKC. According to experts, 6:00am and noontime during weekdays will the best time to post your ad since most people will be having their breakfast and lunch at those times. 5pm could also be ideal for shoppers looking for fresh ads on Craigslist OKC after work. If you must post during the weekend, morning will be perfect.

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