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The Headaches Of Going Through Probate

Probate can be stressful, especially if one is inheriting anything from their loved ones that have just passed away. The process itself is quite daunting since you need to go through a number of legal processes to completely inherit the property.

How Do The Proceedings Go?

The first thing to do is to get the will testified. For this, you need to refer to the witnesses and local municipality for a copy of the will. In addition, you’ll have to face court hearings for the legal process as well.

The probate court is different from the rest of the courts. The difference occurs in terms of its protocols. For the process, the court will send notices for hearing to every person that is connected with the deceased’s will.

In addition, one cannot talk or contact the judge outside the context of a court hearing. This is to ensure that every person gets to present their views in the presence of others, and the process can move forward smoothly.

The key documents are open to the public. Beneficiaries are able to view the inventories and the motions that are filed by other concerned parties as well. The openness of the documents is to ensure that all challenges are dealt with.

These challenges can occur based on the request for hearing from any of the beneficiaries regarding missing assets, disagreement, etc. All these issues are to be dealt with during court hearings that one has to constantly attend during probate.

Time to Probate an Estate

Another hassle that people have to go through is with the time taken to probate the estate. The time taken is based on various reasons. For instance, state regulations can also cause delays. These delays can be caused by the probate proceedings.

Personal representatives are responsible for gathering all assets, including paid taxes, mortgages, bills, debts, etc. In some states, the representatives need to collect inheritance taxes as well, which requires a tax clearance letter from the state department.

Apart from the delays due to state laws, some delays can be caused by:

Family Fights

One of the many problems during probate is family fights. It is most likely that people who have been designated to inherit from the deceased will disagree at some point. Since the process involves the mutual agreement of all parties, delays can occur if any of the party disagrees.

Probate Costs Are Quite High

Another reason why the process faces delays is because of the high costs of probate. The court fee may vary depending upon the state regulations. It will also include the executioner’s fee that can lie between 3-4% of the total balance.

On the other hand, the estate that is considered during probate will have to go through a complete tax filing process. The settlement is only possible if all tax dues are cleared nine months after the death of the owner. Some states allow an extension of six months since the process of filing itself is quite complex.

The people that are connected with probate can use probate shortcuts in case the estate left is quite big. However, most cases of probate require several hundred dollars to file the case. This gets added with costs of required legal notices, hiring attorneys, getting appraisals, getting certified copies, etc.

All this has to be considered during the probate process before proceeding, and competent preparation should be made. That is why most people often opt for bailing out of probate since it’s daunting and the processes take a long period.

Hiring Professional Attorneys

As highlighted earlier, hiring an attorney is necessary in order to represent oneself during the court hearings. However, not all attorneys are reliable or professional, and those that are professional cost hefty amounts too.

Hiring a professional attorney is necessary since they will be able to get you through the proceedings effectively. In addition, they will also be able to represent you while dealing with all administrative processes.

Moreover, the attorney can help to eliminate delays in the process. They can file a motion in the court if any of the parties create a dispute during the procedure.

Records & Information

Another element to consider during probate is to record every information, document, and other legal processes. This is necessary since the probate court will require executioners or administrators to deal with appraisals for the property.

In addition, probate also requires determining debts so that the creditors and people concerned may be enlightened with the penalties. As highlighted earlier, the debts and taxes are to be paid off within nine months after the death, probate requires such information, which your attorney can record.

The copies of all financials should also be recorded and presented in the court within the given deadline. Missing the deadlines will result in delays, keeping the case open for a longer period. Moreover, it would also add to additional tax returns that would also require additional court appearances.

Presenting accurate records is also essential. The executioners will file the final report that will need detailed accounting from every creditor and beneficiaries. The more accurate the process, the earlier the case will be closed.


There are several other factors such as selling the property during probate, getting off with the taxes, etc. that one has to cater to. However, effective proceedings can only be ensured when every factor is considered and dealt with effectively.


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