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The Challenges Of Owning An Inherited Property

Real estate can be daunting. Circumstances can change, and you can face a troubling situation out of the blue. One such situation can occur when you inherit a property. Although inheriting a property can be fascinating; however, the regulations that come with it can become a hassle for you.

There can be several laws and regulations that you’ll need to evaluate before you take control of the inherited property. In addition, you can also face several challenges alongside them. Some of which include:

High Carrying Costs

The moment comes when you receive the news that some relative of yours has passed away, and you’re inheriting their property. However, with inherited property comes high carrying costs. As long as you remain the owner or hang on to the property, you’ve got to deal with the additional costs that come with being the owner of it.

These costs can vary and include taxes, utilities, insurance costs, and other expenses related to real estate. What’s more to consider is that you’ll also be facing the expenses of hiring an attorney for the probate process.

In case you intend to keep the property, you’ll have to deal with such expenses. Moreover, certain state laws are also enforced on the property based on state laws. Furthermore, if you intend to sell the property, you’ll need to invest in remodeling and all stuff, which would add to additional costs as well.

Market Issues

As highlighted earlier, an inherited property can occur from anywhere. But here’s the catch; from anywhere means it can be from a place, community or even an entirely different state that you are not familiar with. This will create a challenge in terms of selling since you may not be aware of the market conditions where your recently inherited property lies.


One can simply say that even a “free” home can be costly, and this fact is entirely true especially for inherited properties. For starters, you could be facing the issue of the existing mortgage especially if the house was not completely paid off when you inherited it.

When the inherited property comes to you, the existing mortgage amount can pile up on you, especially if you don’t have the additional funds to continue to pay the existing mortgage, this amount can certainly pile up on you and get expensive. The challenge of owning an additional property with a mortgage is the mortgage payment doesn’t stop until the mortgage is paid off, which means that even if you do not use or live in the property you will continue to pay the amount, now if you miss a payment it is possible that it will impact your credit history.

Moreover, when dealing with a mortgage you are also still paying the insurance and utility bills for the inherited property all which will add up significantly to your expenses of dealing with an inherited property.

Selling Your Property

As we have highlighted earlier, you’ll need to consider remodeling the entire inherited property in case it’s in a worn and outdated, if you want to get the most value out of the property. The challenge with updating the inherited property on your own is usually most individuals who inherit a property typically won’t have enough cash to pay for the remodel, nor would they want to bother with the process of getting a loan to fix up the entire house, let alone the repairs. Keeping in mind the costs that come with inherited property, you might want to think of selling it quickly. Exit Strategy Investments will purchase your inherited property as-is, which will allow you to keep your sanity, by not having to worry or stress. As our name indicates we will provide you with options, so that you are able to get the most value out of the property. Call us today (405)698-3948, there’s no obligation to talk to us, in fact you’ll understand why we are we’re vetted by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and are also recognized by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).